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About UkrSWIFT

UkrSWIFT is a membership organization acting as the Ukrainian National SWIFT Member and User Group serving as advisory capacity to SWIFT Board, supporting Ukrainian community by indentifying, researching and solving financial telecommunications issues.


UkrSWIFT is the National SWIFT Member and User Group for the Ukrainian community of SWIFT shareholders and users. SWIFT shareholders in each country advise and assist SWIFT Board on specific local matters. If eligible, SWIFT users are obliged to become SWIFT shareholders when their financial contribution for network based services reaches a certain level. These institutions comprise the National Member Group. Any financial institution that is user of SWIFT services in Ukraine is part of the User Group.



What can UkrSWIFT do for me

Membership provides you with a forum to:


Discuss and influence local and international financial standards as well as best practise in finacial telecommunications through working groups.


Solve together with your peers pressing issues of Ukrainian financial community.


Reduce paperwork and get timely necessary information and equipment in Ukraine needed for smooth SWIFT international financial operations.


Ukrainian IBAN.

This is Ukrainian standard for IBAN. You can use it like many Ukrainian and foreign banks as well as their clients do.


Transliteration standard UkrSWIFT.

This standard provides one to one correspondence between latin and Ukrainian characters making STP possible.