financial technology, cybersecurity, 
integration into global financial community


non-governmental and nonprofit Association of SWIFT users in Ukraine.
UkrSWIFT cooperates with SWIFT Board of Directors  and unites the community of Ukrainian SWIFT members and users to solve local Ukrainian financial telecommunication issues and localising international financial standards to the benefit of the end users of Ukrainian financial system.

Joining UkrSWIFT provides opportunities for:

• Cooperative handling of financial community issues in Ukraine.
• Cybersecurity community solutions.
• Participation in working groups to develop:
- payments market  practices
- securities market practices
- cybersecurity
- financial monitoring 

UkrSWIFT Goal:  achievement of the highest level of straight-through processing
financial telecommunications

UkrSWIFT Values: professionalism, community, trust, innovation

UkrSWIFT Vision: center of competence in financial technologies and communication, uniting professional Ukrainian financial community


Organizational Set-up





Ukrainian Group of SWIFT Users and Members in Ukraine  provides the platform for planning and coordination of the  SWIFT activities in Ukraine.


Nowadays 57 members of Association resolve cooperatively the technical, telecommunication and managing issues. 


❖ - банки, співробітники яких пройшли навчання з кібербезпеки та отримали сертифікат від SWIFT






UkrSWIFT General Meeting is the principal administrative authority of Association.


UkrSWIFT Board develops the strategy and guarantees its implementation.


Executive Office is authorized to run the current issues of Association. 


UkrSWIFT Council

Liliya Lazepko

Head of SWIFT Members Group in Ukraine, Board member of OTP Bank

Yuriy Vlasenko

Head of SWIFT Users Group
in Ukraine

Deputy Chairman of the Board, Board Member of Ukreximbank

Oleg Belinsky

Serhiy Mamedov

Chairman of the Board
of Globus Bank

Vyacheslav Koval

UkrSWIFT Council Member

Dmytro Hrydzhuk

UkrSWIFT Council Member

Natalia Shevchenko

Chief on Operational Activities
of OTP Bank

Oleksandra Godik

Deputy Director of Financial Markets Department of Industrial Bank

Serhiy Malomuzh

UkrSWIFT Council Member







Latest News



“Implementation of ISO 20022 standard and Global Payments Initiative” for SWIFT Users in Ukraine

March 24, 2020
11:00 - 13:00




“Implementation of ISO 20022 standard and Global Payments Initiative” for SWIFT Users in Ukraine

March 24, 2020
11:00 - 13:00







21А, Observatorna str. Kyiv  04053, Ukraine

Telephone:  +380 (44) 536-96-66

Telephone:  +380 (44) 536-96-65


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