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Introduction to ISO/TC 68
Financial Services

Introduction to ISO/TC 68 Financial Services
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ISO/TC 68 Financial Services


In this webinar, the Chair of International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 68 (ISO/TC 68) and other TC 68 leaders provide an overview of TC 68, including its subcommittees, processes, and direction.

The speakers in this webinar include:

Jim Northey
Chair, ISO/TC 68 Financial Services
ISO/TC 68, representing Accredited Standards Committee X9 (ASC X9) and FIX Trading Community

Karla McKenna
Convener, ISO/TC 68/AG 2 Standards Advisory Group
Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)

Gerard Hartsink
Convener, ISO/TC 68/AG 5 Digital Currencies
NEN (The Royal Standardization Institute) and Payments Association Netherlands


Yuri Vlasenko
Executive Director of UkrSWIFT
Ukrainian SWIFT User Group Chairman

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