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Ban russia from SWIFT

The ban is a super powerful weapon of civilized world against fascist aggressors.

It is called for the instant crash of the russian financial system.

These unusual actions are needed in this extraordinary times to deter crazy russian maniacs from war crimes. That is why all russians should be denied access to:

  • international payments

  • international payment processors such as Mastercard and Visa

  • PayPal and other international payment processors

  • internal russian rouble payment system based on the SWIFT infrastructure

Cut off from SWIFT will stop all russian payments for military equipment and mercenaries to spread aggression.

Total international isolation, plunge of the ruble and total collapse of the russian financial system are consequences of the implanted in russian society fascist ideas of superiority of russian nation and attempts of the physical destruction of other nations and sovereign countries.

Freedom and democracy wins.

Stand for Ukraine

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