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The South African Swift community hosted ESA meeting

ESA (EMEA Swift Alliance) meeting was held in Johannesburg (South Africa). The ESA Group consists of the National Swift User and Member Groups Chairs of the

Europe, the Middle East and Africa countries. This group also includes Ukraine.

The group includes countries that do not have enough Swift message traffic to qualify for a Director seat on the Swift Board of Directors. But, together, the 28 countries that make up ESA nominate two directors to the Swift Board of Directors.

The group benefits from the support of the Swift Cooperative as it provides effective feedback to Swift's executive management, and assists in the development of strategy and effective implementation of the Cooperative's services and products among its members.

The group is united not only by the desire to nominate its director to the Council, but also by common values. In 2022, the group excluded the Russian Federation from its membership due to its reluctance to sit at the same table with representatives of a terrorist organization.

The Swift Board will review the new strategy and products that await the international financial community. Consultations on the development and implementation of the Swift and ESA strategy were discussed at the meeting.

Please, watch the interview with Bernard Careless, Director of the Swift Board, who is also the Chair of the Swift National User Group in South Africa, using English subtitles.

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